Sean Dack, 21st Century Dub Dub
May 5 - June 25, 2011
21st Century Dub Dub 21st Century Dub Dub
21st Century Dub Dub 21st Century Dub Dub
21st Century Dub Dub 21st Century Dub Dub

21st Century Dub Dub

21st Century Dub Dub

21st Century Dub Dub

Press Release

Fitzroy Gallery is pleased to announce 21st CENTURY DUB DUB, an exhibition of new work by New York-based artist Sean Dack. This is Sean Dack's first exhibition at Fitzroy Gallery.

In 21st CENTURY DUB DUB, Sean Dack continues his investigations into ideas of the copy and the original, the use of appropriation and notions of physical versus intangible media. The exhibition is comprised of a single work, Version/Variation (2010), an audio score played in a 26 channel stereo audio installation with listening bench.

Version/Variation is based around Erik Satie's Gymnopedie No. 1, widely considered to be the earliest precursor to modern ambient music. Written in 1888, and lauded by visionaries like John Cage and used in countless film soundtracks, Gymnopedie No. 1 is a part of history of 20th Century Modernism and also part of our collective unconscious. Dack has collected and compiled every commercially available version of this short piano piece, each one performed by a different player, and each one having its own idiosyncratic personality (timing, background noise, performers interpretation),and has overlaid them on top of one another in a multi-track audio environment. Each version is stretched out to the total length of a commercially available compact disc, approximately 72 minutes.

The result is a slow sonorous ambient environment with roots to the original yet has been smeared into an impressionistic whole, an underwater-like cacophony that is both beautiful and engaging, while becoming something new entirely. The work is a cumulative endpoint for Satie's original composition, and Dack now takes the work to a logical ambient/modern horizon-line.

Sean Dack's work—his vibrant CMYK glitch photographs, ghost hardware sculptures of now-obsolete audio technology, virtual exhibitions, and films--investigate the malleability of digital media and how our lives are entwined in the ever-increasing flow. In "Dick Dack Dick Dack (Repeat to Fade)" Liam Gillick aptly wrote:

The viewer is always sucked into a no-time progression that shifts in pulses, where time is a material alongside a commitment to seeking out moments of clarity, where the temporal becomes concrete and back to a flow again. There are moments that are compartmentalized and others that move forwards towards no potential border. Yet within this "practice of flows" there are important markers to be found for those willing to look at what appears to be side production. Sean Dack has the ability to take the parallel histories that mark our culture, then leave traces in the future into a state of clarity and reanimation

Sean Dack lives and works in New York. He received his M.F.A. from Columbia University in 2002, and exhibits in galleries and museums in the United States and internationally. His most recent film Double Exposure is currently on view at Akademie Schloss Solitude, and new photography and sculpture can be seen in Common Love at the Miriam and Ira Wallach Gallery at Columbia University. His work was also featured prominently in The Shape We're In at the Zabludowicz Collection in both New York and London, and will be in the upcoming exhibition Image Transfer at the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, Baltimore. Sean Dack is represented in collections worldwide including De La Cruz Collection, The Saatchi Collection, the University of Washington, Henry Art Gallery and Zabludowicz Collection.

A limited edition publication, Version/Variation, will be printed on the occasion of 21 st CENTURY DUB DUB.